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Stay in the Loop.

The Loop Program

The Loop Program is a rewards program for customers who return, repurchase and stay in the loop. Through this program, you, our customers, can purchase and return used Katharos packaging to our factory in exchange for credits, redeemable on your next purchase. 

Terms & Conditions

1. Eligibility

All customers, including resellers, distributors, and contract manufacturers who purchase directly from Katharos Cleaning Solutions, Inc. (Katharos) and return the product packaging, are eligible to join this program and redeem rewards.


​1.1. Accepted Product Packaging

Containers like HDPE Gallon Jugs and Carboy Jugs provided by Katharos are eligible for return under these conditions:

  • You must empty the container before collection.

  • You must not use the container to store liquids or other substances apart from its original contents.

  • You must return the container complete with its cap. 

  • The container you return must not have any visible damages like holes, dents, or discoloration. Damage to or without the label is acceptable.


1.2. Return Process

Customers may return their used containers either through pick-up on delivery or drop-off at the factory. Upon inspection, a Katharos representative will acknowledge the return on your delivery receipt.

  • For pick-up, return your used containers during the delivery of your orders. Katharos will only collect returns during scheduled deliveries in the same address. 

  • For drop-off, return your used containers at the Katharos Factory, 1 Camden Street, Brookside Hills, Brgy. Muntingdilaw Antipolo, Rizal, Mondays to Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


2. Rewards

An authorized representative of Katharos will issue rewards to customers as credits. Each credit corresponds to the type of packaging you return and is equivalent to a discount.

2.1. Credit Value

One (1) credit is equal to a discount on your next purchase according to the following:

  • ​Black Carboy Jug (5g): 5 credits or ₱5.00 discount

  • Solid HDPE Jug (1g): 2 credits or ₱2.00 discount

  • Translucent HDPE Jug (1g): 3 credits or ₱3.00 discount

2.2. Issuance

Only the Order Fulfillment Manager of Katharos is authorized to issue and apply rewards. Rewards will officially be issued within one (1) to two (2) working days from the date of return.


2.3. Validity

Credits are valid for only 90 days from the date of issue. No extensions of the validity date will be allowed. Katharos maintains the right to reject any unacceptable return and refuse the issuance and redemption of rewards.


3. Redemption

Customers may redeem their credit by making an order at Katharos. Your orders will automatically reflect any existing and valid credit.


​3.1. Limitations

Customers can not exchange credits for cash. Credits are non-transferable, non-refundable, and can only be redeemed in full through a single transaction at Katharos.


​3.2. Concerns

For questions and concerns, please contact

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