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Product Information

Product Features

Antibacterial, Heavy-Duty, Multi-Purpose, Incredibly Good Soluibility/Miscibility In Water, Easy To Handle And Store

How to Use

Add 5mL bleach to 1L of water for general surface disinfection, and add 1.5mL Bleach to 1L of water for laundry. To disinfect surfaces with possible virus contamination, add 10mL Bleach to 1 L water and spray or wipe on. Bleach may cause corrosion to steel, stainless steel, and chrome finished surfaces.


Water Treatment, Ceramics, Glass, Plastic, Rubber, Leather, Wall and Wall Coverings, Cotton and Synthetic Fibers

Packaging Options

Gallon (3.6kg), Carboy Refill (20kg), Drum Refill (165kg)

How to Order

To order, Request a Quotation , and a member of our team will reach out to you prices, shipping options, payment terms, and potential discounts and savings.

Color, scent, and packaging may be customized upon request. 

Technical Specifications


Sodium Hypochlorite 6% Solution

Formula Version



Antibacterial & Multi-Purpose

A sodium hypochlorite solution that disinfects fabrics and other surfaces

Looking for a custom formula?

Our team of product experts will help you develop a custom formula tailored to your needs. Send us a custom request.

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