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Product Information

Product Features

Non-Toxic, Antibacterial, Heavy-Duty, Multi-Purpose, Non-Corrosive, Protective, Eco-Friendly

How to Use

Shake well before use. Remove loose dirt and dust from the surface. With a spray bottle, apply on a clean cloth and wipe evenly on the surface. To maintain protection, reapply regularly.


Wood, Metals, Plastic, Rubber, Leather

Packaging Options

Gallon (3.6kg), Carboy Refill (20kg), Drum Refill (165kg)

How to Order

To order, Request a Quotation , and a member of our team will reach out to you prices, shipping options, payment terms, and potential discounts and savings.

Color, scent, and packaging may be customized upon request. 

Technical Specifications



Formula Version


Detailing Solution

Non-Toxic & Non-Corrosive

An all-in-one solution that disinfects, protects, and restores vinyl, rubber, leather, and plastic surfaces, making them look shiny and brand new

Detailing Solution
Looking for a custom formula?

Our team of product experts will help you develop a custom formula tailored to your needs. Send us a custom request.

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